Digital Learning Initiative  
The Clinton Public School District is proud to announce the CPSD Digital Learning Initiative, a new and exciting plan focused on enhancing academic learning through new technology resources.  

The Clinton Public School District has long held the motto – “Where Excellence is the Only Option." As one of only three Star school districts in Mississippi, Clinton is an educational pioneer by integrating technology into the curriculum. Our 1:1 Digital Learning Initiative is on the leading-edge in our state and serves as a model for other school districts throughout the Southeast. Our technology philosophy is based on a holistic approach where personalized, digital learning and technology skills are infused throughout the daily teaching and learning process. 

Phase One:

As part of this initiative, all teachers and certified staff will be issued state-of-the-art laptop computers for school and home use in the fall of 2012. Teacher computers, currently MacBook Pros, will be deployed with pre-installed software programs and applications to be used throughout the curriculum.  

Teachers will use laptops and related technology to enhance communication, collaboration, organization and production in all classes and subject areas. 

Phase Two:
The plan for Phase Two of the Digital Learning Initiative is to provide students with access to mobile digital devices. Digital learning resources will be made available for use at home and through the District's network for integration into the classroom.  




A chronological summary of the Digital Learning Initiative can be located here.