Frequently Asked Questions


How did this 1:1 initiative begin? 

The Clinton Public School District Digital Learning Initiative is an extension of our CPSD Strategic Plan. The CPSD Strategic Plan was written by a committee of administrators, teachers, and staff in 2008-09 and revised in October 2011. Clinton’s Strategic Plan focuses on five areas: Excellent Customer Service, Outstanding Academic Achievement, Safe/Modern Facilities and Technology, High Quality Educators, and Healthy Schools. As part of the Strategic Plan, goals were developed to maximize the support and effective use of technology through staff, hardware, and training efforts. Action steps were created to provide wireless networks within our schools, standardize equipment purchases, rotate and refresh hardware, and ensure access to digital resources at the classroom level. The Digital Learning Initiative is part of our efforts to meet the goals set forth in the CPSD Strategic Plan, which continues to set Clinton School apart as a leader in Mississippi.


What is the timeline for implementation? 

In July 2011, school and district administrators attended the Apple Learning Tour – a full day of professional development geared toward understanding the connection between digital resources, Apple devices and quality curriculum integration opportunities. During the 2011-12 school year, pilot teachers were selected by their principals to begin using Apple MacBooks as a part of the teaching and learning process. In the fall 2011, special education teachers were provided with iPads and specific apps for use with special education students. Teachers and administrators continued to receive training, resources, and professional development on the integration of technology into the classroom. 

In the fall of 2012, every certified teacher and school administrator will receive a MacBook Pro to use in the classroom and at home for schoolwork.


I am a teacher in the Clinton Schools and I was absent on the day that my school had the scheduled deployment. What do I do to get my laptop? 

The CPSD Technology Department is scheduling make-up sessions for those teachers who were not in attendance. Information will be provided to your principal and he/she will contact you with further directions. 


What device has been chosen for use? 

Each teacher and administrator will be receiving an 13” MacBook Pro laptop with a Brenthaven carrying case to protect the device while not in use.


What happens to textbook adoption and our current classroom sets? 

Currently, there is no discussion of getting rid of the textbooks we already own, unless an individual teacher decides the materials are obsolete. We see textbooks as a valuable resource when used to support the grade level curriculum. However, textbooks themselves are NOT the curriculum – but simply one tool to use in helping students gain a better understanding of the curriculum objectives that are set forth for each grade level. In the same way, technology and digital resources will be used as an additional tool to support the teaching and learning process. With the innovations of eBooks and iBooks Author software, there are many exciting possibilities for teachers, students,and schools around textbook creation and distribution, which will allow content to be provided in a more current, up-to-date and cost effective manner.


Do we have enough bandwidth for effective use of these laptops? 

Yes. The Clinton Public School District increased our bandwidth from the district level out to the Internet and using the internal circuit connections between schools in July 2012.


What sort of tech support will be available? 

The Clinton Public School District Technology Department is available for technical support. The MacBook Pros were purchased with Apple Care, a warranty program that covers issues related to manufacturer defects. Damage caused by liquid spills, dropped laptops, or other neglect is not covered under the warranty or by Apple Care. If any problem arises with the laptop, please use the regular school procedure for submitting a tech request ticket.


What kind of professional development will our teachers receive? 

Teachers will receive a quick overview of their new laptop during deployment. Additional resources may be located on the Clinton Public School District website under the 1:1– Technical Support section. A full day of professional development is planned for January 7, 2013, which will focus on Mac Basics, iLife software applications, and the integration of technology tools and digital resources into the classroom. During the summer of 2013, teachers will have the opportunity to attend more in-depth professional development provided by our Technology Department. The Clinton Public School District is the only K-12school district in the country to have an Authorized Apple Foundations Workshop Trainer and Apple Distinguished Educator on staff. 


If you have an additional question that was not listed, please e-mail Kameron Ball